BEAUtification & Co.

On personal request, please allow me to post the following snapshots from Nairobi. Now, that’s for you, Irene & Steve. Enjoy! :-)

There is also this sign that reads “for the Betterment of…”

Let’s have chicken today!



Anyone for a crispy chicken?

Hundreds of computers in town, printing services availaboooool right next door on Moi Avenue…and these guys just can’t get their signboards written on a normal piece of paper in clear letters. But then – this also works….



Buy Safaricom Credit @Wimpy!
…since you were asking for it, hehe :-)

There was this guy on Moi Avenue who tried to address some political issues and the reason I took the pic is because there were NO women around, ONLY men.
Go figure…

The driving school story:

What a name for a driving school, ama? ROFL…

BUDGET driving school

GLORY on Moi Avenue…

What’s the rule of the road?




Didn’t they have their office located somewhere else? Well, they shifted their business “round the corner” and I think this way it’s more convenient and more attractive.
A dusty KenCell (CELTEL!) phone on Tom Mboya Street…

good & bad (advertisment) are always close…

…a staircase somewhere on Biashara Street….

==> I know it takes ages for some readers in Nairobi to load these images, but please, dear Kenyan bloggers in Nairobi – could you please take more pictures and post them on your blogs? Thank you!

What I love about places like Nairobi is that you don’t have to be a good photographer but instead just need to have your camera ready as there are a lot of interesting sights & sounds to be captured in such a vivid city like Nairobi – especially River Road & Co where the action is…

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6 thoughts on “BEAUtification & Co.”

  1. Kiku: Ahsante sana and this has brought back so many memories , even “kuku Mfalme” LOL… Ati ROCKY = Hsopital Ceiling are Boring, drive safely -LOL .That is classic !

    Pole for those who read this comment , it has been a while since I touched down in Kenya = EXCITEMENT! Those Kencell booth = ugly colors, looks like school uniform colors LOL. And Wimpy, ngai baba!! I miss Wimpy coleslaw, sausage, egg and burger and you could never gain weight. LOL ATI “Universal College ” = us who used to go to Alliance Francaise and some cool training palces thought universal college was so shady..LOL.Pole , it was ati so cool to go to “Alliance Francaise”

    It is so cool to see Nairobi and wananchi hustling = priceless. That relaxed atomsphere is what I yearn so much but not to say things should not be done with speed /punctuality!
    I know am coming back to comment some more
    THANK YOU JKE! These photos =priceless

  2. “there were NO women around, ONLY men.” Obvious, women are busy hustling to feed the family…woii what did I just say?

  3. I am soooo hungry for Farmers’ choice sausages and that chicken.

    And like Irena said the women are doing the REAL WORK.

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