11 thoughts on “our daily nation”

  1. What good photography! Very nice angle.

    Unmistakable Nation House. First time I saw that building I wondered what was up with teh red mess winding up to the top. Now I just understand its colo as making it unforgettable.

  2. Thx you all for the kind comments! We were strolling through the city the other day, I had the camera in my hands (already looking like a dumb tourist) and Mbuzimoja® hinted me to take this wonderful shot.

    I never understood the meaning of this red nini except for this thing being some sort of long wave antenna.
    I am with Mimmz on this one – it was built to be unique. One of the ugliest – or let’s say: most confusing – buildings in town.

  3. Wow what a beautiful photograph.

    The first time I saw that red thing I thought it was a construction crane/scaffolding…but then seeing as it is still there….it must serve some purpose.

    Happy Madaraka Day!

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