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Lieber Björn Harste,

da standen wir heute wohl zusammen im gleichen Stau….

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Björn’s a.k.a.‘s Volvo as seen in today’s major traffic jam in Bremen, Germany. I haven’t even been back for 24hrs from Nairobi but those traffic jams still haunt me like those “yesss, my friend, taxi?”-offers all Wazungu(s) receive while walking through Nairobi… LOL

Haiiiyyyaaaa…I am back in rainy Europe and still have lots off (Kenya-related) blog material that I prepared offline and couldn’t post so far. Will do so during the next few days, though.

@Ntwiga: As for those Kiuk stickers, we went to Nairobi City Market and tried to organize them but the only guy that used to have them on stock told us that “a Kenyan from the US came and bought them all”. Our dear Kenyans in the US….there you go…
On the other hand, there’s this guy who produces them somewhere behind River Road and apparently needs some sweet talking, a few beers and some bubudiu to get into his creative mood. Rumours have it that someone was sent to collect 30 different stickers for purchase asap they are ready so there *might* be a positive feedback on this…Clearly, a matter of bubudiu and just as uncertain as the exact number of MPs that will switch parties before next general elections.

P.S.: Should I also stick a hint to on the back of my car? :-)

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3 thoughts on “blogged roads…”

  1. Jke: LOL.. ati “a Kenyan in the US came and bought it all” Ha!ha! I need to know this Kenyan who would deny you your stickers, maybe I will trace the person, get some and re-sell it to you with a profit. The dude/dudette prolly came to sell it here for like $20.00 bucks .OMG ! IT must be those Kenyan dukas. I shall pitia the one in MD to check … I will let you know and maybe I will be nice and send you some…..

  2. “a Kenyan in the US came and bought it all”

    Sorry, wasn’t me. That is seriously funny – one guy came and bought them all . . . Thanks for trying anyway. And Irena is right , they do sell them for $20 each. Can you believe that? Kshs 1400 for a sticker that you bought for Kshs15? Ridiculous!

    Might as well make my own stickers, there is an idea for me . . .


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