another view…

Part 2 of Satur­day saw us doing it the Nai­ro­bi way by swit­ching from the dirt of Waru­ku to the beau­ti­ful view(s) behind Karen – in par­ti­cu­lar the area next to that KBC trans­mit­ter sta­ti­on some­whe­re on the way to Ngong.sat1.jpg
That’s for you, dear Oscar & Zora! :-)

It was alrea­dy late in the after­noon and we were hungry so our sto­ma­ches for­ced us to can­cel any fur­ther Kiten­ge­la-rela­ted plans but ins­tead pro­po­sed an impro­vi­sed and spon­ta­ne­ous pic­nic at the road-side.
Ok, this is Kenya, there’s no pic­nic pos­si­boooool as most plots belong to someo­ne, so we ended up dri­ving up to Ngong whe­re we recei­ved the mes­sa­ge by tele­pho­ne that some stran­ge Tele­kom Kenya guys had come to our place in Kig­wa­ru during the day (which is in the north-west of Nai­ro­bi) to erect a tele­pho­ne post (good) and in the pro­cess of that hacked the 2 mon­th old water pipe into pie­ces (bad). Ins­tead of retur­ning home, though, we con­ti­nued our cra­zy idea of enjoy­ing our food some­whe­re in natu­re and con­se­quent­ly had us dri­ving up Ngong Hills as late as 5.45 pm to reach the gates on top alrea­dy clo­sed (we met the ran­gers half way through and con­ti­nued anyways).

The pic­nic inclu­ded some roas­ted mai­ze from the the road side as well as the unevi­ta­boooool Luco­zade Boost which btw still tas­tes the same as it did “back in tho­se days”.


I tend to think that being able to do such excur­si­ons (time, money, trans­port, etc.) is pure luxu­ry that needs to be enjoy­ed whenever possible.

I could just sit the­re all day long and enjoy the beau­ty of the view…..


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