We went to Forodha Towers today and got our Kenyan Driving Licences renewed. Charges are Kshs. 500 /= for an annual renewal and 1250 /= for a triennial.
inside Forodha Towers…
the counters
a neat way to conceal non-working lifts, isn’t it?
Keeping in mind that we were there on Friday afternoon at 4 pm and remembering the times back in the days when such services were only offered at Nyayo House, the whole process was extremely fast and well organized.
I was told that a lot of offices are still vacant at Forodha Towers as a lot of institutions were transferred to (the overcrowded) Times Tower and are now slowly moved back to the old premises.On our way out, we came across the following view(s)


By the way…it takes more than 2 years (without KK) to get a certificate for tax exemption for an NGO (~ a charitable trust) from the Treasury. For each application!


the soil for (new) trees on Moi Avenue?

Apparently, this is what happens when huge multimedia screens (at Westlands old-Uchumi roundabout) have a date with the rain….

Nairobi, it seems, has become the city with the most billboards, advertisments and “buy two get one free”-styled promotions. No wonder people here tend to be so capitalistic these days…
=> I’d like to blog more often from here, but internet access is such a pain although I’m privileged enough to be using the DSL connection @ AEM (thx, Harry & Lelle!) which is just great! I guess I’ll need to get my hands on my own notebook soon (where i’ll be able to install my own email client) + urgently need to rethink my blogging strategy (~offline blogeditor or blogging via email).

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