res-q team

I was thinking about this one comment Mshairi mentioned the other day that apparently came up during her, Sokari’s & Wesley’s? interview on BBC: “the person who (said) that blogging was un-African“.

Now I am back in Kenya since 2 days and there are? already tons of “blogging material”, stuff that needs to be written down and shared with others. For instance, just this morning I saw this old pick-up which was towed away by fundis using simple ropes. The funny thing is that? it had a “res-q team” sticker on its windscreen. We stopped by and shared a laugh with these guys.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what I like about Kenya: some ppl? are poor, others are rich, some just try to make it through the day while others are so bored that they need external entertainment. What? they all? have in common, though, is their ability to laugh – no matter how? challenging their situation is…

p.s.: blogging is all about sharing your joy with others… :-)