…now sports:

This one goes out to all Arsenal & ManU fans out there in blogosphere….


Please come and join me on Tribune 2 of Block J where you’ll find me screaming my lungs out from seat # 73. All are welcome, entry free of charge.
(In fact, I’ve never been to a stadium so far. The only association or interest I had with soccer so far is that Germany’s coach Juergen Klinsmann and I share the same first name – which comes in quite handy to explain the pronounciation of my name…well, I think that’s what happens when your parents are more into languages and cultural exchange and prefer to take you to yet another art museum instead of teaching you any passion for this ceremony sport :-)

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  1. Yeah now I know how to pronounce your name clearly, I remember this name Juergen clearly from Futball made in Germany on sunday afternoons… HA HA what took me so long :-)

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