that’s why it’s on 5th position…


Rob: What if I was doing something that can’t be cancelled?
Laura: Rob, what are you ever doing that can’t be cancelled?

Sometimes I wonder whether Nick Hornby ever tried blogging – and what the world would have lost then.

My very own spontaneous TOP5 list of things I prefer doing instead of concentrating on some important papers I actually need to finish soon:

5. cleaning the flat & bathroom
4. cooking
3. watching a movie I’ve had on my list for ages but never came ’round to watch it (time! time is SO precious these days…)
2. playing the guitar
1. blogging

Update: the paper is done and I am wondering how John Cusack could possibly end up in my blog. I mean, look, that man….doesn’t he look like Dustin Hoffman? ‘nyways, High Fidelity is a good story and the movie is nice too. Makes me think of Kevin Smith’s “Clerks“, though, as well as other “i wasn’t even supposed to be here today“+”the soundtrack of our lives and loves”-stories….

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