el mejor amigo del hombre es el libro…

I am looking forward to buying a notebook (laptop) with the following criteria:

  • CPU Pentium M Centrino 1,7 GHz or better
  • HDD min 80 GB (100 GB)
  • 1024 MB RAM
  • decent graphics card (ATI & Co.)
  • WLAN b/g, Bluetooth, IR, modem, 10/100 NIC
  • built-in WEBCAM (!)
  • double-layer DVD burner
  • USB, (COM), PP, Firewire
  • battery runtime of at least 4hrs
  • decent keyboard with a normal RETURN key
  • built-in SD/MMCard drive
  • disengageable trackpad
  • max. weight ~ 3kg
  • …and a built-in MIC!

There are so many notebooks on the market, however, most of the good ones (read: good deals) lack a built-in ~50 cents microphone. Can you imagine? Even my old Acer Travelmate 513T of 1999 had a built-in mic…

Any recommendations? I thought of a Samsung X20, but these ASUS A6V/A7V notebooks are also nice…hmm…

Author: jke

Hi, I am an engineer who freelances in water & sanitation-related IT projects at Saniblog.org. You'll also find me on Twitter @jke and Instagram.

7 thoughts on “el mejor amigo del hombre es el libro…”

  1. I caved and bought a Mac, so I’m probably not much use here. However, I’ve had a good experience with mine so far.

    What is your budget – After all, that is what really determines what you’ll be able to get, right?

  2. Eeehh…true, the budget. I thought of a maximum of spending something like 1300,- EUR which equals to something around US$ 1560. The Asus A6V sells for around EUR 1100.

  3. hi JKE,

    i know, that also nothing on you as a poor student. So do I.

    Iam happy unemployed. I wanna have a notebook, too. my budjet is 0 $.


  4. Since my notebooks starts shutting down without any prior notice, I’d been seaching for s.th similar the last days. But I’d try to get my hands on the new Intel CoreDuo, it really seems worthwhile.

  5. @Krusty: aren’t there any good deals over in Russia? Btw, when are you coming back?

    @Mzee: Eeehhh…what’s wrong with your notebook? Any way to repair it?

  6. my plane flies 1. april back to berlin, then i would go in the following week or two to hannover. maybe i came over superburg.

    we see us, if you want . :-)

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