K?r?ro k?r? it??ra g?ting?reka m?nd? akome*

Dear President Kibaki,

On March 2, 2006 armed police raided the headquarters and printing plant of the East African Standard Group. In addition to destroying equipment including the printing presses and burning newspapers, they shut down the Kenyan Television Network television station.

This latest attack follows the jailing of three journalists from the East African Standard newspaper, attacks on the Citizen Weekly, and ongoing harassment of journalists by government-sponsored forces.

I urge you to:

  1. wake up!
  2. Condemn these attacks in the strongest terms possible.
  3. Dismiss any member of your government who played a role in the attacks.
  4. Live up to your promise to support freedom of the press.

Please copy and paste a copy of this letter on your blog. You may alter the wording to suit your needs. Campaign started by Keguro.
[via Mentalacrobatics]

*One person weeping prevents all in a village from sleeping.

UPDATE: the story gets BoingBoinged & make sure not to miss Ruud’s video coverage

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