Ummmm….youtube again, sorry, but there’s something I still wanted to show you.

On my first visit to Munich last year, the capital of this strange empire also known as Bavaria, I came across an interesting spot – something that every Munich tourist apparently already knows but to me this was new. There’s this creek called Eisbach (Eis, as in icecold!) which flows through the Englische Garten and if you look at the map, you’ll see that it’s directly within the city centre.
Now, parts of this river are underground and the spot where it shoots out of the underground tunnel (system), the flow velocity and the underwater weir (just 40 cm beneath the bottom of the wave) produce a steady wave that can reach up to 1 m and higher in good conditions. Remember, all of this DOWNTOWN! (360° image of the scenery)

(youtube video offline)

Imagine me standing there for ages, watching crazy dudes jumping on their boards and riding the wave as if there’s nothing else in life than a good, steady wave. Munich, you rock – big times!

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  1. Kool but would not catch my adventorous self trying such crazy stunts unless there a million USD on the table:-)

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