Mchagua jembe si mkulima


You see, I was just going through some news online when I came across ano­t­her “he/she said this and that” sto­ry in the Dai­l­y­Na­ti­on & The­Stan­dard about our Ger­man Ambassa­dor to Kenya, Mr B.Braun.
The arti­cles (1,2) say that Mr Braun made some state­ments on Pre­si­dent Kibak­i’s new cabi­net and that “it was obvious the Cabi­net was not all inclu­si­ve”. Making his hard-hit­ting state­ment, Mr Braun descri­bed the new Cabi­net as “very disap­poin­ting”, adding that the Pre­si­dent had “lost a very good oppor­tu­ni­ty to con­sti­tu­te a working government.” (Dai­ly Nati­on)
Braun said donors were disap­poin­ted with the Pre­si­dent for scrap­ping the office of the Per­ma­nent Secreta­ry for Ethics and Gover­nan­ce.
“We don’t want to inter­fe­re with inter­nal poli­tics of the coun­try, but the Pre­si­dent has to cor­rect the situa­ti­on,” said the envoy.
(The Standard)


Obvious­ly, such remarks gene­ra­te some mixed fee­lings.
On one hand, I under­stand his quest to speak up his mind on the cur­rent poli­ti­cal situa­ti­on in Kenya — also sin­ce Mr Baun is lea­ving the coun­try soon. On the other hand,  he’s the ambassa­dor and not a blog­ger like me.  His words are taken for gran­ted and view­ed as the offi­cial posi­ti­on Ger­ma­ny has on this mat­ter. And sin­ce a direct let­ter to the Office of the Pre­si­dent would be con­si­de­red some­what rude, poli­ti­cal state­ments are nor­mal­ly made on pri­va­te events, in church or during con­fe­ren­ces. State­ments that are publis­hed and car­ri­ed as the lea­ding sto­ry in news­pa­pers the fol­lowing day. Is this the best way to com­mu­ni­ca­te with a (chao­tic) government?

As for demo­cra­cy, I could even agree with Kibak­i’s unde­mo­cra­tic “dream team” if only it will get Ken­yans whe­re they real­ly want to go (same with the Ger­man Government btw — I never voted for them but think they’ll get us some­whe­re). So, ins­tead of direct­ly poin­ting out who’s good and who’s fai­led to pro­vi­de good lea­ders­hip, I would rather mea­su­re good gover­nan­ce by the posi­ti­ve chan­ge it has brought to a coun­try and put any direct cri­ticsm in this direc­tion. And bes­i­des, a pro­verb some­ti­mes has more ele­gan­ce of say­ing some­thing others are not yet pre­pa­red to hear. Ama? 

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