Guidance protection every day…

1. There’s this France-based German photographer Uwe Ommer who spent four years and traveled 250.000 kilometers (160.000 miles) in a cross-country vehicle to photograph families of the world. He “simply” travelled the world to meet some 2000 families using a Rolleiflex 6008i camera. The result is an amazing collection of 1000 family portraits from 130 countries covering five continents… (PHOTOgraphical.NET)


(KUDOS to Lady Mbuzimoja for showing me this wonderful book :-)


2. There’s this Germany-Jamaica-based German musician by the name of “Gentleman” who spend a long time on Jamaica, sings in Patois (!) and blesses us with wonderful music. Actually, Reggae/Dancehall isn’t my most fav style, but there’s this one song that really got me during the weekend: “send a prayer” – published on Gentleman’s “Confidence” album in August 2004. I just love this song (mp3 preview)! BIG UP TO OUR JAMAA Gentleman!

Gentleman’s new video to that song was released on December 2nd, 2005 and so when I sat here during the weekend, being bored by all this stuff on my desk, I switched on the tv and tuned into the music television channel where I saw it….

The result?

See for yourself and compare:


(all screenshots made with VLC – the best cross-plattform media player around :-)


Oh, and I eventually managed to get my hands on an mpg version of this nice video – and got to see the last image of it:


“Pictures by Uwe Ommer, taken from the book 1000 Families”

(Now I just wish this associative function way up in my brain could work on more important things as well…. sigh…)

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  1. I came here, because I had a view on your NEON profile. I like this blog, in fact i start loving it. It’s a bit unfortunate that I keep on reading and at da same time forgetting about my work, anyway keep it up.
    And about da song, I never realized it was that nice. Imagine I found it in my collection. Take care and keep it up!

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