oranges and bananas in Gamaanii

The beau­ty of poli­tics in Ger­ma­ny the­se days is that appar­ent­ly almost all so-cal­led lea­ders did­n’t like the elec­tion results from last Sep­tem­ber 18th. Ger­ma­ny is on its way into a big coali­ti­on bet­ween the Soc­cer Demo­cra­zy Par­ty (SPD) and the Cor­rupt Demon Uni­on (CDU) and sin­ce the­re’s a LOT of money to be saved in future, no one likes to be respon­si­ble for it. Hence, many elec­ted lea­ders reti­red (Schrö­der, Fischer, Mün­te­fe­ring, etc), some just keep on play­ing games (äähh-Stoi­ber) while other are just too dumb to rea­li­ze wha­t’s good and bad (Mer­kel). Can you ima­gi­ne the iro­ny when elec­tion cam­pai­gns are focu­sed on per­so­na­li­ties while in the end, none of tho­se elec­ted had the guts to endure?


Joji Kicha­ka & Ängie Fer­kel

Eit­her way this sort of free enter­tain­ment “Made in Ber­lin” still makes up for some gre­at sati­re and may­be we’­re not tal­king oran­ges or bana­nas over here (like in Kenya) but ins­tead, it seems to be a batt­le bet­ween pota­toes and cab­ba­ges. And I just wan­ted to note down that women are beco­m­ing stron­ger the­se days (which is good!) but then I thought of Mrs Mer­kel and asked mys­elf: wot kaind of That­cher iss zaehd? Gakun­y­wo kagî­ra thoo­ko.…

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