karibu mgeni :-)


Accord­ing to gvisit.com, this is whe­re the last 20 blog visi­tors come from… and the­re are even more neat Goog­le Maps Mas­h­ups on Goog­le­Maps­Ma­nia :-)
(Ate­re­re… I think the­re’s a shi­da some­whe­re with Nepal showing up on the map. I do have two friends working in Kath­man­du, but I know for sure they never read my blog coz of that lou­sy inet con­nec­tion — so may­be it’s just an IP that is assu­med to be loca­ted some­whe­re in Nepal? Hash, CG — WPu­sers — does this hap­pen to your site stats as well?)

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