karibu mgeni :-)


According to gvisit.com, this is where the last 20 blog visitors come from… and there are even more neat Google Maps Mashups on GoogleMapsMania :-)
(Aterere… I think there’s a shida somewhere with Nepal showing up on the map. I do have two friends working in Kathmandu, but I know for sure they never read my blog coz of that lousy inet connection – so maybe it’s just an IP that is assumed to be located somewhere in Nepal? Hash, CG – WPusers – does this happen to your site stats as well?)

Author: jke

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4 thoughts on “karibu mgeni :-)”

  1. The Nepal thing is interesting. Yes, I get referrals with IP addresses that I know to be incorrect. Usually however, those are only partially incorrect, they are still in the correct region – just the wrong city. I’m sure there are others out there who know more about internet routing than me who can explain it though.

  2. depends on where the ISP is registered and which internet registry is responsible for its IP’s .other site stat engines tend to place abitrary names like Cyprus to all addresses that it cant determine their exact location – good example is mystatcounter

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