ati?! part 3

Remember my inquiry about this huge nini east of Nairobi way back in July?


 Well, Google has come up with an update for Google Earth, this time apparently focusing on "The Illuminated Continent: African imagery and articles from National Geographic". Haia!
Of course I immediately had to start this addictive GoogleEarth-nini and check about my favourite and still unknown spot east of Nairobi.


I should have known better. Being a student of water & soil management and having spent half a year in 2004 on Bremen’s sewage treatment plant (cleaning all machines of used condoms, tons of hair, q-tips and other hygenical stuff I won’t mention in detail now), this huge nini eventually turns out to be the "Dandora Waste Stabilisation Pond System which treats the industrial and domestic sewage from the City of Nairobi, Kenya and is the largest pond system in Africa".

Kûrita nî kûru. (= Is is bad to be a fool.)

Author: jke

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  1. I’m SOOOO happy to have come across this post. I can’t tell you how curious I have been about this thing since Google Earth came out. Thanks for the info.

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