ati?! part 3

Remem­ber my inqui­ry about this huge nini east of Nai­ro­bi way back in July?


 Well, Goog­le has come up with an update for Goog­le Earth, this time appar­ent­ly focu­sing on The Illu­mi­na­ted Con­ti­nent: Afri­can image­ry and arti­cles from Natio­nal Geo­gra­phic. Haia!
Of cour­se I immedia­te­ly had to start this addic­ti­ve Goog­leE­arth-nini and check about my favou­rite and still unknown spot east of Nairobi. 


I should have known bet­ter. Being a stu­dent of water & soil manage­ment and having spent half a year in 2004 on Bre­men’s sewa­ge tre­at­ment plant (clea­ning all machi­nes of used con­doms, tons of hair, q‑tips and other hyge­ni­cal stuff I won’t men­ti­on in detail now), this huge nini even­tual­ly turns out to be the “Dan­do­ra Was­te Sta­bi­li­sa­ti­on Pond Sys­tem which tre­ats the indus­tri­al and domestic sewa­ge from the City of Nai­ro­bi, Kenya and is the lar­gest pond sys­tem in Afri­ca”.

Kûri­ta nî kûru. (= Is is bad to be a fool.)

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