tusker.info & Co.

Maybe we actually don’t have the time nowadays for creating altruistic tribute websites or other passionate stuff, LAKINI – since I received an email late last night from Hash from whiteafrican.com, who’s been answering upon a comment I’ve put in his blog before, and wapi he came up with this idea of using my term "Gadgetimoja" for "a website for all gadgets African-related", I thought about a relaunch of tusker.info as a start (tusker.info & tusker.de are currently on hold // offline // on sale at www.sedo.de but still registered on my name).

 I don’t know about you guys, but I think there are a few Wazungus* out there who still have a vivid interest in Kenya/East Africa and would like these things to be online. I am talking about Mzeecedric or Bwana 58 (who’s currently working on an alumni page for the German School Nairobi @ xnbo.de along with Bwana Hamisi) or anyone else interested in contributing to such a website. Ndiyo, Hash or bART :-)

 Which things? Ahh…yes: tusker.info, gadgetimoja.com or or or….you name it. Anything that we would like to work on. Maybe even this gadgetimoja.com nini in form of a blog so everyone can contribute. However, since all this is just a spontaneous idea, please feel free to comment on it and maybe soon we’ll be able to come up with another interesting website. Even if it’s just another, however maybe bigger tribute website for the Tusker beer….

*Wazungu: as in the traditional  meaning of "zungu" = strange. NOT as it is used nowayads for Europeans or even "white persons".

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