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May­be we actual­ly don’t have the time nowa­days for crea­ting altru­is­tic tri­bu­te web­sites or other pas­sio­na­te stuff, LAKINI — sin­ce I recei­ved an email late last night from Hash from whiteafrican.com, who’s been ans­we­ring upon a com­ment I’ve put in his blog befo­re, and wapi he came up with this idea of using my term “Gad­ge­timo­ja” for “a web­site for all gad­gets Afri­can-rela­ted”, I thought about a relaunch of tusker.info as a start (tusker.info & tusker.de are cur­r­ent­ly on hold // off­line // on sale at www.sedo.de but still regis­tered on my name). 

 I don’t know about you guys, but I think the­re are a few Wazun­gus* out the­re who still have a vivid inte­rest in Kenya/East Afri­ca and would like the­se things to be online. I am tal­king about Mzeeced­ric or Bwa­na 58 (who’s cur­r­ent­ly working on an alum­ni page for the Ger­man School Nai­ro­bi @ xnbo.de along with Bwa­na Hami­si) or anyo­ne else inte­res­ted in con­tri­bu­ting to such a web­site. Ndi­yo, Hash or bART :-)

 Which things? Ahh…yes: tusker.info, gadgetimoja.com or or or.…you name it. Anything that we would like to work on. May­be even this gadgetimoja.com nini in form of a blog so ever­yo­ne can con­tri­bu­te. Howe­ver, sin­ce all this is just a spon­ta­ne­ous idea, plea­se feel free to com­ment on it and may­be soon we’ll be able to come up with ano­t­her inte­res­ting web­site. Even if it’s just ano­t­her, howe­ver may­be big­ger tri­bu­te web­site for the Tus­ker beer.… 

*Wazun­gu: as in the tra­di­tio­nal  mea­ning of “zun­gu” = stran­ge. NOT as it is used nowa­yads for Euro­peans or even “white per­sons”.

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