I was almost fooled…

…by (the benchmarking tool) HD Tune, telling me that almost all of my USB flash memory sticks aren’t bootabooool.

Well, apparently they are indeed able to supply any recent computer with a fresh copy of e.g. gOS – a new OS based on Ubuntu 7.10 + featuring lots of Google web apps.


Just plug it in and start your computer with the latest release of [put your favourite OS here] – for inspirations, check out pendrivelinux.com

Reasons for bragging about it this way is that I am still amazed at this tiny 2GB microSD card inside the USB reader (see yellow arrow) and that it actually provides my machine with a very sexy-looking OS within a maximum of 20seconds boot-up time. And all of this at the size of a fingernail! (<== no, not those nails that have at one time been very popular with guys from Nyeri…)

Again, the provision of WinXP rescue kits, portable apps or even complete OS on a USB flash memors stick may just be the right extra income for IT students. Given that not everyone has his own machine, a USB flash drive may just substitute that need for virtual desktops.

Maybe one day we’ll only see ppl using terminal-like stations where all private data is stored on a USB flash stick if not remote on a central server?