Glycyrrhiza yunnanensis

Bought this packet of “Dried Licorice Slices” from a Chinese shop today. Delicious stuff that I am using for teas and pure chewing pleasures. I also love liquorice (Dutch liquorice, that is), but this certainly is the low carb version and equally sweet :-)

Dried Licorice Slices

Now, as this comes from China, I keep on wondering about the conditions under which this liquorice plant (Glycyrrhiza yunnanensis) is cultivated. Where did it grow? How long has it been transported? How old is it? What kind of water was used to irrigate the plants? Where does the water come from? Is it contaminated in any way? And what about the packaging – what kind of plastic was used and which colours were used for the printing of the packaging?

Author: jke

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