Furahiday roundup

1. Apple fun: I Am Rich was a $999.99 app that did nothing“. Muahahahaha…..


Dear Apple disciple, please explain this to me:

You want Apple to CONTROL the market for you?

Besides, for that special *one-click shopping pleasure* there’s also CNR. Click, pay, install. I know you’ll like that.

2. Nerdpol



It’s a cartoon from a popular German site called nichtlustig.de. Found this in their newsletter this morning. It says: “Guys, we have a visitor. This is my cousin Hubert. He’s from (the) NERDPOL” (Nordpol = North Pole).

3. There’s no 3rd.

Sure, I could link to this funny video (with regard to a choleric Michael Arrington :-), but then….funstuff on the inet is just so….2005.

Have a relaxed weekend, will ya?

Author: jke

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