Pro­bab­ly like many others, I’ve been fol­lowing the inten­se coverage of the cur­rent situa­ti­on in Kenya through the media and espe­cial­ly the Ken­y­an Blo­gos­phe­re online. Kudos to ever­yo­ne wit­hin the blo­gos­phe­re (blog­gers & com­men­ta­tors) who con­tri­bu­t­ed valu­able news & information!

Ory of Ken­yanPun­dit alrea­dy poin­ted out a few good things how we — tho­se that are sit­ting in the save hea­vens during the­se days and watching the unfol­ding events with sad­ness — may be able to help and con­tri­bu­te our share, i.e. by docu­men­ting the events online with names of all the vic­tims, buy­ing air­ti­me for our fami­ly & friends online or may­be also by pushing our local government to assist Kenya in fin­ding a quick solu­ti­on. While the lat­ter one may not be pos­si­ble, I’d still like to second her ide­as on this and offer my help. For tho­se of you who are able to read Ger­man, pls have a look at this inte­res­ting arti­cle on why Ger­ma­ny would have an inte­rest in hel­ping Kenya. I also hea­red that Ger­many’s for­eign minis­ter, Mr Frank-Wal­ter Stein­mei­er, today tal­ked to Rai­la A. Odinga.
I won­der how Ger­ma­ny may be able to assist Kenya on this? May­be Daim­ler-Chrys­ler should build a remo­te con­trol / back­door access to their Mer­ce­des cars so that whenever a pre­si­dent or government does some­thing “unde­mo­cra­ti­cal” (sic!), they can stall the ent­i­re car pool. Ha!

Bes­i­des all the pain and sad­ness of the recent deve­lo­p­ments, I am with Ban­kele­le when he con­clu­des that the Ken­y­an voters are the actu­al win­ners (des­pi­te the rig­ged tal­ly­ing) as they tur­ned out in record num­bers. And I belie­ve it’s the­se very same peop­le who will make a dif­fe­rence for Kenya and show to the world that Kenya isn’t ruled by a hand­ful of power­ful peop­le, some exe­cu­ti­ve for­ces and rio­ting youth, but ins­tead a strong elec­to­ra­te that knows how to do busi­ness, care for its­elf and tho­se in need and thus also knows how to main­tain peace in a mul­ti-eth­nic society.

In an attempt to do some bridge blog­ging, I will try to com­pi­le a short sum­ma­ry in Ger­man during the next few days pole, sina saa…, also becau­se the Ger­man media has in the past few days repor­ted about the riots under the usu­al Kikuyu vs. Luo label — some­thing that has real­ly put me off!

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