Probably like many others, I’ve been following the intense coverage of the current situation in Kenya through the media and especially the Kenyan Blogosphere online. Kudos to everyone within the blogosphere (bloggers & commentators) who contributed valuable news & information!

Ory of KenyanPundit already pointed out a few good things how we – those that are sitting in the save heavens during these days and watching the unfolding events with sadness – may be able to help and contribute our share, i.e. by documenting the events online with names of all the victims, buying airtime for our family & friends online or maybe also by pushing our local government to assist Kenya in finding a quick solution. While the latter one may not be possible, I’d still like to second her ideas on this and offer my help. For those of you who are able to read German, pls have a look at this interesting article on why Germany would have an interest in helping Kenya. I also heared that Germany’s foreign minister, Mr Frank-Walter Steinmeier, today talked to Raila A. Odinga.
I wonder how Germany may be able to assist Kenya on this? Maybe Daimler-Chrysler should build a remote control / backdoor access to their Mercedes cars so that whenever a president or government does something “undemocratical” (sic!), they can stall the entire car pool. Ha!

Besides all the pain and sadness of the recent developments, I am with Bankelele when he concludes that the Kenyan voters are the actual winners (despite the rigged tallying) as they turned out in record numbers. And I believe it’s these very same people who will make a difference for Kenya and show to the world that Kenya isn’t ruled by a handful of powerful people, some executive forces and rioting youth, but instead a strong electorate that knows how to do business, care for itself and those in need and thus also knows how to maintain peace in a multi-ethnic society.

In an attempt to do some bridge blogging, I will try to compile a short summary in German during the next few days pole, sina saa…, also because the German media has in the past few days reported about the riots under the usual Kikuyu vs. Luo label – something that has really put me off!

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