this is what happens…

…when companies like Nokia purchase the accessories for their mobile phones in low-wage countries:


The integration of a very very very low quality “Lithium Battery” (Made in Indonesia) into the AD-43 control unit of their flagship model N95 that dies just after 4-5 months in use. And mind you: I haven’t even used it in power-user-mode, but instead only for about 8x / week, 25 minutes each.

There’s no way to open this headset without damaging it as the screw on the back is only accessible once the clip is removed. :-(

The control unit died last night after flashing the internal firmware of the phone to V20.0.015, so I initially thought there’s a connection between a (faulty) flashing process and the dead control unit. But no! Just a lousy battery which promoted the whole gadget to higher glory.

NOKIA! ==> There are alternatives available, such as the Renata CR2032:

Renata CR2032

…which costs a little bit more, but honestly: what’s better? Satisfied customers who will buy another Nokia phone – or unhappy customers who even dismantle the headset themselves because your totally unable customer service doesn’t even reply to e-mails?

Sorry for being a bit picky on this, but there sure is a reason why some batteries do cost 0,20 EUR and others 3,- EUR.

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3 thoughts on “this is what happens…”

  1. This is what happens when you blog too much about a phone.

    Just when you thought Nokia should pay you for the marketing you have done for them. I hope you resurrected your toy.

  2. True :-)

    There are other bloggers out there who only write about phones and who are fed like a baby by Nokia’s marketing department. With the new firmware though, the performance of the phone has tremendously improved, otherwise I’d be selling it on eBay right now.

    The headset…well…unfortunately, this model is the only one of its kind with an angled plug so I may just go for a cheaper option.

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