this is what happens…

…when companies like Nokia purchase the accessories for their mobile phones in low-wage countries:


The integration of a very very very low quality “Lithium Battery” (Made in Indonesia) into the AD-43 control unit of their flagship model N95 that dies just after 4-5 months in use. And mind you: I haven’t even used it in power-user-mode, but instead only for about 8x / week, 25 minutes each.

There’s no way to open this headset without damaging it as the screw on the back is only accessible once the clip is removed. :-(

The control unit died last night after flashing the internal firmware of the phone to V20.0.015, so I initially thought there’s a connection between a (faulty) flashing process and the dead control unit. But no! Just a lousy battery which promoted the whole gadget to higher glory.

NOKIA! ==> There are alternatives available, such as the Renata CR2032:

Renata CR2032

…which costs a little bit more, but honestly: what’s better? Satisfied customers who will buy another Nokia phone – or unhappy customers who even dismantle the headset themselves because your totally unable customer service doesn’t even reply to e-mails?

Sorry for being a bit picky on this, but there sure is a reason why some batteries do cost 0,20 EUR and others 3,- EUR.

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