Free Loader


Has anyone of you ever used this little solar charger called “Free Loader”?

Found it advertised in a magazine, a blogged review here (in German), sells for EUR 49,90 or GBP 29,99 and it comes with the cables & adapters as shown in the picture.

I am bit sceptic about these gadgets because my experience based on my own tests with solar chargers many years ago (I got my first solar set in 1988 :-) proved that these chargers (of course) aren’t as powerful as they are supposed to be (from a customer perspective), but I guess when the battery on your mobile gadget is dying out, anything that helps recharging it will do just fine.

Oh, and another reason why I should just order it no matter what: this gadgetimoja has been on Mt. Kilimanjaro! *big smile*? More reviews here, here and here.

@Harry: you should blog that mobile rewinder/dynamo thing we’ve tested the other day in Nbo! What’s the current output anyways?

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