2 thoughts on “woooohaaaa!”

  1. I thought POP3 access – for free – was always available in Gmail. That’s why all the people over at howardforums.com were raving about Gmail when it first came out.

  2. Well, POP3 access has always been included, lakini the option to fetch mail from other e-mail boxes using POP3 into Gmail wasn’t.

    Currently, all my uhuru addresses are collected in a single mail box, checked for viruses/trojans/etc., and then pulled from there into my Gmail box using the above mentioned POP3 “fetch mail” thingy. Before I had to use WEB.de, which is another German freemail provider, but for better services and more server space, I had go for the costly solution. Also, gmail.COM is easier to communicate than web.DE (try to explain U-H-U-R-U. D E to a German…*sigh*).

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