Im Herzen Frankfurts

A week in Frankfurt am Main, and it already feels like I’ve never really left this place 8 years ago. Images, scenarios, smells, speeds, people, this peculiar atmosphere – a very familiar place with lots of interesting sights and sounds.

view on the skyline from a rather filthy Bahnhofsviertel…

One of those really nice places in Frankfurt is the restaurant “Im Herzen Afrikas” (“In the heart of Africa”), which is something like a mixture of the 40 Thieves place at Diani Beach (because of the sand and numerous comfy corners) and one of those typical Ethiopian/Eritrean restaurants = good food and nice coffee.

These folks over at the restaurant organized some sort of beach party – in the middle of downtown Frankfurt, just about 100m away from the European Central Bank, in a close section of the road that passes in front of the restaurant. A beach party with real sand (!), a kids corner, life music, a DJ and a beautiful atmosphere. It started at around 1 pm and we went there at around 8pm and stayed for a few drinks.

Ok so I missed taking some decent pictures of the event as I was busy munching some fine Injera and getting jiggy with someone special, but for those lovers of comfy places with that special atmosphere in the middle of Europe: you certainly missed this!

Im Herzen Afrikas
Gutleutsraße 13
60329 Frankfurt am Main
(google maps)

==> Does anyone know of Kenyan joints in the Rhine-Main Area?

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  1. Glad to see you are having fun in Franfurt Jke: “getting jiggy with someone special” -Haiya me has been thinking I was the only special one. mmmhhhh men!

  2. ROFL! I keep it like Mobutu when it comes to communication: everyone is special the moment I speak to that person – and after 10 minutes, all deals are forgotten. :-)

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