things I didn’t buy…


1. A rather arrogant bumper sticker with a message for the uncreative masses.


2. Came across this JoeDirt-styled shirt on a 2nd hand clothes market here in Embu. I didn’t buy it because it was a bit too short + unfortunately I have no muscles for showing off.
This shirt + a Kikoi + Bata sandoools, the keys to a worn out RangeRover and you’ll have the perfect KC look.


3. Yeah, right!


4. Now that’s for you, Twigamoja! :-)


5. So I went to this one particular shop in Nairobi where they sold “Jesus souvenirs” as I call them. I liked the idea of having a nice calendar for kids which gives some meaningful (!) inspirations.
But then I saw this “Judgment Day will come – why not make Jesus your advocate?” message sold on a bumper sticker. WTF? Awesome messages like this one just scare me away as I don’t believe in any Armageddon-based religion. How can they actually try to convince people of Jesus’ message (Love) if they are scaring ppl at the same time with out-dated, medieval auguries?


6. I didn’t have to buy this special fruit – I found it on my way to the office. I had never seen something like this before and was curious to see what it’s all about. This fruit goes by the name of Fenesi in Kiswahili, or Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) in English and is about the size of two footballs. I cut it apart to see what it looks like inside and this (unfortunately) unripe fruit looked very promising to me.

People often oil their hands with kerosene/parafin before preparing jackfruit, as the rest of the mass of the fruit is a loose white mass that bleeds a milky sticky sap, often used as glue. (source)

Glue? SuperGlue! Aaarrgghhhh…. ;-)

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