the green card, part 1






“committed to supporting Kenya’s environment”

Yeah, right.

Dear Bw Michael Joseph,

if you really want to support Kenya’s environment (yeah, the Mt Kenya fencing project is a good thing – restoring Kenya’s 5 water towers etc.), you better stop selling your “green cards” sealed in a plastic cover.
Also, I’d prefer if we could find an alternative material for these cards. Something like starch or even just maize leaves (!) that could do the job of being printed with (environmentally friendly) ink. After all, these cards just have a life expectancy of a few weeks, ama? Even better though: the electronical transfer of credit which doesn’t require any cards.

Most consumers in Kenya and elsewhere just throw their used cards away and thereby pollute our environment. Now, instead of teaching them what to do with this waste, I suggest we instead give them biological material that dissolves / decomposes after use and remains as nutrients within the biological cycle.

Becos otherwise, the only good thing I can think of while being confronted with these cards is to stick them into one of my sketchbooks and modify them in a Dan Eldon way.

yours truly,


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