0,5 l Oettinger Pils + 0,5 l Oettinger malt beer = EUR 0,70
1 Mozarella cheese = EUR 0,49
1 big packet of fresh olives = EUR 0,98
1 packet of small tomatoes = EUR 1,49
1 fresh cucumber = EUR 0,89
1 (turkish) pita bread = EUR 0,45
1 (director’s) chair from Kenya = EUR ~ 20,- (??)
1 balcony with a view = EUR 159,- /month
1 background music stream = EUR 0,00

Sunshine that makes you close your eyes and forget that you’re currently living in a very remote kijiji…. = priceless :-)

Author: jke

Hi, I am an engineer who freelances in water & sanitation-related IT projects at You'll also find me on Twitter @jke and Instagram.

9 thoughts on “sunshine”

  1. Woii you didn’t have to do this to some of us who are dashing to the next Mcdee’s or some 711(convenient store)n for some crackers and Soda baridi at 12:23 Pm EST.USA!!!!!
    Nice, very nice!!! A man of many talents!!!

  2. Talents …. Can repair an otherwise broken Laptop, can play guitar, can come up with some brilliant ideas about recycling sewage (lol,no pun intended), can make us miss home with some nice shots from Kenya, can cook too…. that translates to ahh very …..ah well talents , are you sure I can go on and on this list ? Wacha niache

  3. @Irene – Thx (*embarassed*) – well if u know of ways how to channel these skillz into a well paid job, please let me know, ok? (no, i am not talkin about marriage! LOL)
    @Mental – stimmt, Fleisch war natürlich auch dabei, aber das habe ich vorher schon gegessen :-)

  4. Das erklärt es. JKE ohne Fleisch ist wie “HTML” ohne eine “Doc. Type”, das sie nicht validierte. Ich wundere mich, wie dieser google übersetzer diesen letzten Satz ha anfaßt!

  5. tja,

    das leben in superburg kann so schoen entspannend sein. priceless, to study in the most little university in da world

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