Nairobi lowdown

“The best of the City in the Sun” as pro­mi­sed by a (rela­tively) new blog: Nai­ro­bi Low­down. This might also be of inte­rest to tho­se Ken­yans in exi­le (“Exil­ke­nia­ner”, as my friend Tur­bo­da­ve calls them) who always wan­ted to know WHAT exact­ly they are mis­sing out in terms of inte­res­ting events/locations in our good old Nairobi.
Check out this cooooool video of a bubu­diu-man try­ing to catch a lift from a Mata­tu while ROLLERBLADING on the streets of Nbo…ati? Rol­ler Bla­des in Kenya? S T Y L E!

Btw, I think it’s about time to pro­mo­te web­sites like ArtMatters.Info who are try­ing to cover some cul­tu­ral events in EA. The­re’s still so much poten­ti­al in NBO, so many inte­res­ting details that one could blog about — stuff that IS inte­res­ting and could also help to show a dif­fe­rent image of the coun­try (des­pi­te of the tou­rism indus­try, the mara­thon ath­le­tes, the media coverage of fami­nes & raids on news­pa­per publis­hers, etc.)…
How about an open blog for cul­tu­ral events in Nai­ro­bi? How about a blog that com­pa­res the life­styles of Nai­ro­bi ppl with tho­se from upcountry/shaggz?

AOB: Let­ta Mbu­lu “Zimki­le” — a song that makes me think of Mshai­ri & Soka­ri — enjoy! :-)

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