Nairobi lowdown

“The best of the City in the Sun” as promised by a (relatively) new blog: Nairobi Lowdown. This might also be of interest to those Kenyans in exile (“Exilkenianer”, as my friend Turbodave calls them) who always wanted to know WHAT exactly they are missing out in terms of interesting events/locations in our good old Nairobi.
Check out this cooooool video of a bubudiu-man trying to catch a lift from a Matatu while ROLLERBLADING on the streets of Nbo…ati? Roller Blades in Kenya? S T Y L E!

Btw, I think it’s about time to promote websites like ArtMatters.Info who are trying to cover some cultural events in EA. There’s still so much potential in NBO, so many interesting details that one could blog about – stuff that IS interesting and could also help to show a different image of the country (despite of the tourism industry, the marathon athletes, the media coverage of famines & raids on newspaper publishers, etc.)…
How about an open blog for cultural events in Nairobi? How about a blog that compares the lifestyles of Nairobi ppl with those from upcountry/shaggz?

AOB: Letta Mbulu “Zimkile” – a song that makes me think of Mshairi & Sokari – enjoy! :-)

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