sense of delight

Who designed the old KBL/Tusker logo? How illuminated are Nairobi’s streets nowadays with those adopt-a-light lamps? How much does a Coke cost nowadays? What isn’t availaboool @ Nakumatt? What’s the normal fare for taking No. 23 from Kangemi to City Centre? What’s the ecoscan situation in Kenya? In which state are those sewage treatment plants? What are Bertiers, Katarikawa, Kangethe, Maube, Oswaggo and other (older) artists doing these days? What are my friends doing? What do they look like now? How much is 1minute of internet access in a cybercafé? How fast is the average ADSLine in Nairobi? What does the average mobile phone in Kenya look like – will it have a WAP browser or just simple sms functions? Any new joints/kantini I need to discover in NBO? How much money will I need to survive one day in our expensive Nairobi? Will there be any thugs trying to steal my beloved mobile? Will I be aboooool to eventually obtain this novice licence from ARSK for my 5Z4 call sign? What, where, when, who….

These and other questions will hopefully be answered soon, especially since I booked my flight to Kenya. May 9th until 31st, 3 weeks in May that will hopefully secure me an interesting placement/internship for my final (diploma) thesis. YEAH! :-)

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