safiri salama

toyo1.gifThe­re are the­se two ger­man waZUNGU from Chem­nitz, Ger­ma­ny who are pla­ning to take part in the next Ply­mouth-Ban­jul Chal­len­ge 2006 (PBC 06) — dri­ving their ’92 Toyo­ta Corol­la Lift­back from Ply­mouth (UK) through Fran­ce, Spain, Moroc­co, Wes­tern Saha­ra, Mau­ri­ta­nia to the Gam­bia.

“… If you have a sen­se of adven­ture but rela­tively litt­le cash, then the Ply­mouth-Ban­jul Chal­len­ge might be up your street!” 

“Unof­fi­cial­ly spo­ken of as ‘The Ulti­ma­te Ban­ger Chal­len­ge’, ano­t­her mot­ley collec­tion of cars cos­ting less than £100 will be assem­bled to dri­ve over 3,000 miles from the South coast of Gre­at Bri­tain to the West coast of Africa.”

Yani, MY car is an old (i say OLD!) Volks­wa­gen Golf 2 from 1989 with about the same mileage as this said Toyo­ta Corol­la and I think its mar­ket value would be some­thing like 100,- EUR (~ 9.000 Kshs). The next big thing to repair will be the clut­ch (the pres­su­re pla­te insi­de) and may­be new shocks, laki­ni, why should­n’t I take this car in 2006 and dri­ve it up to…uhhhmm.…Kenya?!
Lady Mbu­zi­mo­ja, Lady Tembo, Mzeeced­ric — are you in for the challenge? 

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