Wewe ni Ujerumani!

Yes, Du bist Deutsch­land (=you are Ger­ma­ny). Me? A country?

stolen ideas

This 30 mil­li­on EURO cam­pai­gn, initia­ted by 25 big media com­pa­nies in Ger­ma­ny, tri­es to reach 1,6 bil­li­on con­ta­cts which equals around 98% of all Ger­mans (~16 con­ta­cts per per­son) — ever­ything over a peri­od of 4 months.

The mes­sa­ge they are try­ing to con­vey is simp­le: You are Ger­ma­ny. Wha­te­ver that means.

The aim behind all this is to com­bat any dull or bad mood — some­thing, Ger­mans are good at. At least sin­ce 1945, my fel­low Ger­mans have fol­lo­wed the gol­den rule of panem et cir­cen­ses and con­se­quent­ly left most important decisi­ons to the government. Peop­le lear­ned how to shut-up and focus on their work. The fruits of living that way were a working infra­st­ruc­tu­re, jobs, a boo­m­ing eco­no­my, your Mer­ce­des @home, etc. etc…
As the world is con­stant­ly tur­ning around, the­re’s not­hing as con­stant as CHANGE. We have seen the Wall fal­ling down, a sym­bo­lic Ger­man Uni­fi­ca­ti­on, a mer­ger bet­ween Daim­ler-Benz and Chrys­ler, glo­bal ter­ror por­tray­ed with the help of the media, the intro­duc­tion of the EURO cur­ren­cy in most euro­pean coun­tries and reck­less glo­bal mar­kets com­ing up. No panem et cir­cen­ses any more, peop­le are waking up from their Matrix-sty­led lay­ing bat­te­ries. Más vale tar­de que nunca.

In sum­mer 2005, Ger­many’s chan­cellor Ger­hard Schrö­der asked for a vote of (non-)confidence in order to have reelec­tions a year ear­lier than expec­ted. The pre­mi­li­na­ry elec­tion results from Sep­tem­ber 18th are hil­arious — 35,2% for CDU/CSU (right-wing) and 34,3% for SPD (some­whe­re-in-the-midd­le-wing). Time will tell what kind of coali­ti­on we’ll get (or was it Newsweek? :-).

Is it becau­se of the elec­tions that the media star­ted this Du bist Deutsch­land cam­pai­gn? I don’t know.

What I DO know, though, is that this stu­pid You are Ger­ma­ny phra­se per­fect­ly makes up for some gre­at sati­re. Remem­ber, this cam­pai­gn star­ted two days ago, and we alrea­dy find visu­al mate­ri­al on Flickr (like the pic abo­ve), tons of media coverage and jokes that fol­low the “you are.…” pat­tern. Hehe…

Three ques­ti­ons:
1. Ins­tead of spen­ding 30 mil­li­on EUROs on this useless cam­pai­gn and knowing that the Inter­net is a resource­ful way of pro­mo­ting ide­as, would­n’t it have been easier to just spend a few EUROs on a smal­ler start and see what hap­pens? Or is it just ano­t­her tax-saving model for the media?
2. WE ARE EUROPE. Why did­n’t they use this one?
3. Faith. Hope…Religion? In times of fading inte­rest for com­mu­ni­ty work and a tv pro­gram­me which is SO out of any mora­li­ty (and pro­du­ced by the media!), it appar­ent­ly takes an expen­si­ve cam­pai­gn to gene­ra­te some awa­reness for stan­dards like self-assuran­ce? “Yeah, you know, we can’t offer you any decent jobs at the moment, but hey, look, the­re are ass and tit­ties, soc­cer and lame shows on the screen to keep you busy. And to pre­vent you from slow­ly drif­ting away into cha­os, here’s this cool cam­pai­gn which shows you that you can do it too.” No words lost on the church or any other reli­gious insti­tu­ti­on out the­re. How come?

Actual­ly, it’s still panem et cir­cen­ses. The only dif­fe­rence being that in the­se modern times, we see the media et al sit­ting on the tribune.