Black Moses

“I ain’t go anywhere in the United States of America and see another black man and give him a power shake…and there’s unity there. There’s a beauty there that I can communicate with this brother…”

Right on.


I’d seen this video (which is part (13/14) of a very nice documentary on? the Wattstax festival) two weeks ago while searching for more Blaxpoitation content. It also features Isaac Hayes who sadly passed away this last sunday.

As much as I hate posting (ready-made) multimedia content on my blog, this documentary and the ability to just enjoy it via YouTube et al makes me happy. Besides, the above mentioned Belgian on-point blog is a very nice resource for such and other – really cool – content.

While I would like to do a little obituary for Isaac at this point, I honestly don’t where to start – his legacy and influence on the contemporary world of “cool” + “style” is just so ginormous.

@Isaac: now at least you have enough time to jam with Fela Anikulapo Kuti and give us a nice SoulFunkAfrobeat-mashup. :-)

(p.s.: I really like that power handshake sequence. So true…even among white Mal d’Africains!)