JKE’s Nokia E71 review: (2) Hello world!

If you thought that Stephen Hawking is the only one around with a cool voice, check this out:

(my 2nd video on YouTube btw – am a bit shy when it comes to video blogging…)

If you ever thought about getting an E71 and are still looking for that *special* reason why it’s better than a BB or even an iPhone, this may be a surprising gimmick for your non-geek friends at Pizza Garden on those Furahiday evenings. ;-)

Stay tuned for part (3) of my E71 review!

Author: jke

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5 thoughts on “JKE’s Nokia E71 review: (2) Hello world!”

  1. hebu spill the beans on how you got it to do that. I want to scare the bejeezus out of my sis :-)

    Have you tested out the maps feature? I found the GPS chip to be superior to Iphone’s better locationing and clarity.

  2. @Afromusing: just press the top left soft key for 2 secs.. GPS: it’s A LOT better than the GPS chip on the N95 – especially with Google Maps. First time lock-in of GPS signal (A-GPS & via satellites) was achieved in 5 seconds on the E71. And this under the roof at home!

  3. The other day as I was driving I wished that my PDA could read out the emails for me. This is so cool.

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