Kichango kuchangizana (part 2)

It just took me less than 2 minu­tes to dona­te some mbe­ca to the Red Cross Socie­ty in Kenya — online, via

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With your sup­port we will buy food, slip­pers, blan­kets, clothes, sani­ta­ry pro­ducts, etc. All the­se items are going to the Kenya Red Cross Socie­ty. Who are dis­tri­bu­ting them to Ken­yans in need. 

Your action will make a dif­fe­rence. The more help, the big­ger the dif­fe­rence. Plea­se act.

If you have some money left to share with tho­se who will make good use of it and are wil­ling to use an online pay­ment ser­vice, plea­se feel free to con­tri­bu­te via a ser­vice such as

If anything, we can only rely on Ken­yans hel­ping each other.

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