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A company’s seriousness about the implementation of web technologies clearly shows when it comes to the browser question: what kind of? browser are we using today? MSIE 6.0?? Are we going to give our? users the rights to install any add-ons or extensions to a browser? etc.

Chris, a? knowledge management and communications specialist and a? really nice fellow I met through? Mzeecedric? (of &? a recent barcamp in Frankfurt/M, compiled an introduction to knowledge sharing within Enterprise2.0 earlier last week. And although it’s just an introduction that symbolizes the tip of the iceberg -? an iceberg which stands for? the much awaited change within companies and their pre-cluetrain / web 1.0 world – there are still so many basic things that just have to be explained over and over again.

Social bookmarking, for instance. Although the installation of any add-ons is strictly forbidden within this institution, I took the liberty to install a add-on for MSIE 6.0 anyways (ooops? :-). I’d of course prefer using a better browser and already tried runing Mozilla Firefox from a USB stick (as mentioned earlier), but then: MSIE 6.0 actually is ok for the time being. I don’t want to change the system, all I want to do is getting things done. And with a social bookmarking tool like, I can actually share my trouvailles with others and contribute to that pre-selected pool of interesting websites – the bonus which makes social bookmarking so interesting and advantageous.

These web worlds of course aren’t everything, but I just can’t drop that crazy idea of informing my colleagues @ work about the wonderful advantages of using Web 2.0 technologies for many office jobs. We have to start somewhere, really.

Oh, and maybe I should start by convincing my boss of using a service like twitter – which would make it much easier for us to track her down and/or? forwarding calls.

Author: jke

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