under construction Sirius & WP2.1 workaround


Long live the blogosphere! So I updated from WordPress 2.05 to WP 2.1 and found my long long blogroll/linklist being out-of-order on Sirius theme. Renato from the other side of the globe meanwhile found a solution and blogged it. Everything is back online – THANK YOU, Renato!

So why would you want to update WordPress? Because of some goodies like an autosave function (unless of course you are using BlogDesk, that offline editor for wp like I do most of the time), a “tabbed editor” = WYSIWYG & html code at once, much more AJAX and a function where you can assign any page to become the front page (wp becomes a cms) as well as many other interesting changes

Hehehe….Mental, I think you’re in for another update :-)

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