…may I consider myself a journalist now? :-)

Seriously, dear Kenya Times, I am not really upset about this 1:1 copying of my words on the Kenya Spotlight Vol 2 event. After all, if this helps to promote some fine Kenyan music – basi.
Lakini, what I don’t like is, if you just copy my words without telling me. There’s a contact form on my website, you could have left a comment or “manual trackback” or even just google for my name. I am here, I have nothing to hide and I won’t bite. Sawa?

Again, thx Barbara, for the paper edition of the Kenya Times from Oct 20th! Now this is something I can cut and glue into one of my sketchbooks

UPDATE: Mzeecedric advised me to have a look at the CreativeCommons licensing options which I’ve now implemented for this website. Thx!

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