Despite the fact that I am a lousy photographer and way too lazy to further edit my digital images on this old 19″ CRT monitor (which just comes with a horrible gamma value that can’t be adjusted no matter what I try on the Nvidia GFX settings), I just turned PRO on

Creative Zen Vision:M - the dongle

Aterere…The US-$ 24,95 for a 1 year pro account are a lot of money for someone who doesn’t have a regular income, on the other hand, though, I wanted to know what’s this all about and although my (public) collection on flickr only contains 116 images so far, I’ll definitely add much more content in future and – the reason – will be able to arrange / re-group the pictures into different categories. Nice :-)

Author: jke

Hi, I am an engineer who freelances in water & sanitation-related IT projects at You'll also find me on Twitter @jke and Instagram.

4 thoughts on “kikuliciousflickr”

  1. Kool, I wanted to try it too sometimes but am a very poor photographer or let me blame the camera = not so high tech digital.

  2. Some time ago I thought about getting a pro. But I’m not quite sure why it could be worth 25USD? Somehow I still prefer to place my stuff on my own server. This centralized web based stuff frightens me a bit, especially those never ending Google apps. The good of it is that you never have to bother about the administrative part. You just get a (mostly) running system inclusive a large community. Better don’t ever think about security and privacy issues.

    Anyway, is that pro accoount that much better ?

  3. Mzee, I hear you on those security issues, but flickr on the other hand offers the perfect plattform for sharing + it is well known even to those that have never come across the “Web 2.0”-term or so. In other words: the plattform may be Beta, but it works. And quite well.

    My reason for investing 25 US-$ is a bit lame. I just wanted to try it out and see if there’s any advantage in terms of bandwith & uploading etc. Plus it says they’ll only show the last 200 images in the collection, and as I am always tempted to publish some neato macro images, I thought about giving it a try. Haiiyaaaa, Bwana, still pesa mingi for me…(Mbuzi would of course suggest me to save the money for a new notebook, but uhhmm…they know it better toujours so wtf..).

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