national frequency table in 5Z4

The public version of Kenya’s “table of radio frequency allocations” (PDF, 2,4 MB) as issued by the Communications Commissions of Kenya in 2002.

I was longing for such an overview chart for a long long time – and now I just had a short glimpse at their (CCoK) website and found it. Haiiiaaaaa! :-)

(…someone should run a list of GoK websites that work and of those that are “temporarily” offline or “under construction”.)

Update: How do you succesfully take a website OFFLINE for a relaunch?

Well, according to the webmasters in charge of the GoK websites you apparently just have to remove the index.html (main / home / root / etc.) file and leave the rest of it ONLINE.

The Ministry of Water and Irrigation
The Parliament of Kenya

The launching of the all-important Parliament website is long overdue says George Gopal who believes such an enterprise should not be held to ransom because some 40 errant MPs have not submitted their CVs. George suggests that Bunge should just publish whatever is available. Says he with a hint a of sarcasm: “After all, we have seen that even some of the MPs in the august House with impressive CVs still perform far below par.”
(source: The Cutting Edge, DN, 3/22/2006)

Aren’t Kenyans reading their blogosphere? The unofficial link to the remaining info on that Parliament website has been posted a few times on the blogosphere…

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