"If they announce the iPod video, I’m going to start videoblogging." [WeBreakStuff]

Does that mean we will have to wait for this iPod video to be released? What about mobile phones then? My Nokia 6230 already has the ability to play (3GP) videos. The downside? 1. picture quality, 2. an even smaller screen and (most importantly) 3. you know how long it takes to get the video on that damn phone/sd-card ? Yeah.

@Apple.com: iVlog® (®=JKE’s :-)

YES, and while I’m still thinking about Web2.0 and the future of all those nice things: what about a Flickr-styled website for videos instead of just pictures? (hint, hint :-) ….in any case, the future will be BETA! LOL (~flickr beta, google earth/rss/blogsearch/etc. beta, etc.)

Kiku’s Blogcasting Corporation (KBC)

canonxl2.jpg"So, tell us, how did you actually learn how to make those videos?" – "Well, I went to this website called current.tv and had a quick look at the VC2 survival guide, went to a shop, got a decent cam, a better mic, a tripod and a nice bag and …well, you know, I just let go, maaaan?!" – "Ah….is it that simple?" –
"Yeah of course, maaaan… I mean, look, many of us are of the so-called MTV generation and have been spoiled by sitcoms, so we kinda know what the viewers wanna see….you know?….we got the right timing it takes to make the point. …This is especially important if you just have 30 seconds for a spot. It’s all a matter of timing." – "Ah…and how did you promote your videos?" – "Simple. I started off with videoblogging in my blog and people would actually recommend to upload my stuff on current.tv. So there I went, promoting my spots on the world wide web and only paying for my internet connection fees, no needs for an agent or somethin’…it’s so simple, I tell ya, you just get your gear together, point that damn cam at somethin’, edit the shots on your mac and upload them!" ——

 Fiction, dear readers, I am far far away from Vlogging or even making my own little film. Of course I wish to have some cash cow in my shamba that coughs up enough dough every morning, but till then, I’ll have to stick to my little Sanyo Xacti digicam and use it’s 30fps (at least!) movie function to produce short clips for this third-rated blog. One day.
In the meantime, I will enjoy good documentaries like the one on Wangari Maathai or another one on how to make fire in the wild (Kudos to afromusing for blogging about this the other day + Martin for giving me this nice hint!).

P.S.: And while you’re at it, please make sure not to miss out this video on a massacre which has taken place in Turbi/Marsabit. Or as MentalAcrobatics has put it the other day: "Show me; and I will remember."…