…may I consider myself a journalist now? :-)

Seriously, dear Kenya Times, I am not really upset about this 1:1 copying of my words on the Kenya Spotlight Vol 2 event. After all, if this helps to promote some fine Kenyan music – basi.
Lakini, what I don’t like is, if you just copy my words without telling me. There’s a contact form on my website, you could have left a comment or “manual trackback” or even just google for my name. I am here, I have nothing to hide and I won’t bite. Sawa?

Again, thx Barbara, for the paper edition of the Kenya Times from Oct 20th! Now this is something I can cut and glue into one of my sketchbooks

UPDATE: Mzeecedric advised me to have a look at the CreativeCommons licensing options which I’ve now implemented for this website. Thx!

on dropping informations

The downside of this blogging business is that there are a lot of things happening ONLY online – like the following quiz:


I found this via Andreas, who also blogs on the Spreeblick platform, and – although it says to be copyrighted as early as 2002 – the quiz is quite new to me. So, do YOU know your ecological footprint?


I took the quiz and it says for me that if everyone on this earth lives like me, we’d need at least 1.3 planet(s) earth.

Another peculiar trouvaille is The Living Library – an event that took part in Berlin, Germany on September 9, 2006 with 112 writers, artists, activists and social entrepeneurs from around the world and who gathered around a vast Table of Free Voices where they discussed our questions. Our?

I remember I recently picked up this one free postcard which asked for my ecological footprint and provided a url to the Living Library event. How come I only learned of these events now? Because I am living upcountry, in a small village in Northern Germany with about 3.000 inhabitants (hell, what brought me here in the first place?!)? Well, I do have internet – so how come an interesting event like this one has been hidden from the masses? You know, I found this advertising postcard in Munich – 700kms away from home. And Berlin is about 300kms away. Wawaweewah! – Strongly reminds me of the Cluetrain debate which started in 1999 and never really reached the masses, only the usual suspects.
Also, pls check out this awesome 360° panorama view of the event. [via]

==> And make sure to check out the already existing user input – a search for the usual keywords (Kenya, Nairobi, etc.) reveals some interesting details…

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