World Aids Day 2007

Some things are strange indeed! I was just given this pin and a condom for the up-coming World Aids Day 2007…


…which instantly reminded me of last year’s WAD and when I was given a cap by the staff at MW&I in Kenya. Last year I blogged about this – and at the same day also put a snapshot of the changed layout of the Daily Nation newspaper online.

Free caps, pins, condoms. Great! Now this will help to combat the virus…

no inet @ home

Swaped rooms last evening, from one house to the neighbouring, some 100m away. Note to myself: need to have even less stuff. Been living out of two bags for the last 1 1/2 years now. Tired of carrying stuff around. Internet access is limited @ my new place, lakini my boss brought me the following chakula from Kenya instead:


Nairobian stories, Nakumatt-, PNU, BuyThisGetThat-, BuyOneGetTwo-Ads/Promotion, PromotedToGlory obituaries and the usual HeSaidSheSaid-news. Great!