the next generation in Uganda

Ndugu Simon & Johannes – this one’s for you! Tubasanyukidde

HipHop from Uganda just rulez!

“But with every door that shuts, another one opens and I fell in love what I saw. Hip-hop in its rawest form. It was beautiful…(..)…The future of hip-hop is bright and amazing.” Brett Mazurek a.k.a. DJ 3rdI in an interesting interview with Jane Musoke-Nteyafas for 3rdI is the jamaa who shot this documentary and also uploaded it onto – Kudos to you and everyone involved – I think your work really caught the spirit.
More on Bataka Squad and Silas Babaluku Balabyekkubo.

Mu Luganda ogamba otya nti “genial”? :-)

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  1. great stuff all have been forwarded on to various people – for me though I especially like the soukous – next thing your mum will be blogging too! And I like the “mama sokarimoja” but what is moja? maybe i will even start to sign myself as mama sokari :)

  2. Ok, Mama Sokari then :-)
    Moja is Kiswahili for “one” – i use it to make words become more Kikuyumojaesque so as to fit into my microcosmos.
    Like my GF – she calls herself Mbuzi (a goat) for being so spontaneous and often jumping around like a mountain goat and for other funny & neat reasons, and I’ve just added -moja to it, thus making it Mbuzimoja.

    In the end I think it all goes back to the way I got to this Kikuyumoja name in the first place, so – without really thinking about it and what the words Kikuyu and moja could also stand for (the Gikuyu being a huge group of ppl in Kenya and moja=1 => Kikuyu1? noooo….not in that context) – I just keep on using this word-creating-game.

    As for my mum, I am still waiting for her to call me Kiku… well, sometimes she does :-)

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  4. Gee! Ok, this is really phat Stuff! I knew African Hip Hop rulez! Special thanks go to MC’s Slyvester and Abramz and of course to Mr. Kikuyumoja! This is a really wicked blog you keep up here! Asante, bwana!