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  1. ROFL! Waah my ribs are hurting this is too funny, where do you get this stuff?!

    I am inclined to not partake in that mbuzi.

    Gawd this was funny moreso since its true?!

  2. “The name “Fainting” goat is a bit misleading because they do not actually faint. They have a genetic problem with relaxing muscles. When they are startled or surprised their muscles lock up and the goat then sometimes falls over.”

    Sad but true (i think they are just neat :-)

    Damn it! I should be in Limuru now. Me I waaant tu bekomm a goat farmer naow!

  3. No! You made me start crying silently to myself at work today so that no one would know I was laughing!

    That guy with the umbrella… all the goats fell over at once like they’d been hit with an invisible matatu. Waaah. GREAT find! I have to pass this one on.

    Truthfully, I love my nyama choma so much I would still eat one of these mbuzi.